Cari AI Artificial Intelligence Platform

improve customer service and increase productivity

Cari AI is an artificial intelligence platform made up of a suite of products that work together to provide a better costumer service experience and improve your company’s productivity.

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Suite Cari AI

Business productivity tool


Omnichannel Virtual Assistant

Smart attention 24 hours a day, integrated into business processes, more human conversations understanding natural language.



Intelligent agent module

Omnichannel productivity tool for real agents. Multiple channel support, video call, and process management, embedded in a single interface. Monitoring, supervision and integrated reporting.


Intelligent document processing

Intelligent processing of unstructured documents, received by any channel, written or by hand, sent in image or PDF.




Workforce management

Time and access control, payroll reports 100% in the cloud. Detailed measurement of activities and results by business rules. Shift mesh planning.




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Cari AI – Artificial Intelligence

  • Increase the productivity of your Company
  • Loyalty to your customers
  • Automate processes and save costs.

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