Chatbot to Sell More

Accelerate the digital transformation of your sales with artificial intelligence

How can the Cari AI Chatbot help you sell more right now?

What does Cari AI do?

He is another salesman of your sales team

Cari AI allows you to manage your sales in an automated way, through digital channels that publicize your products, benefits, features and prices, to respond the commercial concerns of your potential customers, and when their interest is rated, pass it on an agent to finish falling in love and close the sale.

Manage your orders

The Cari AI chatbot can be integrated into your business by consulting information systems, databases, to create a quote, manage an order, up to delivery, and evaluate the satisfaction of your customers.

Manage your promotions

Cari AI manages your promotions, publishing them in a self-managed way on the chatbot, creating personalized campaigns to send them through digital channels, and routing them back intelligently to an advisor who attends in real time, without changing channels.

Offer the best service to your customers

The Cari AI chatbot allows you to meet the service needs of your clients. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in a personalized way.

How does Cari AI do it?

Own artificial intelligence engine

Cari AI allows, in a short time and with low complexity, to build Virtual Assistants who understand the natural language of the clients and can give answers based on decisions as the human brain does.

Agent module

Cari AI includes a powerful agent module that allows intelligent routing to a real advisor, to continue the conversation that your Virtual Assistant started on the same channel, improving the customer experience.

Operation analytics

Cari AI allows you to obtain advanced reports and dashboards to measure the indicators and detail with the management of your Virtual Assistant, to make sound business and operation decisions.


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